Armed Security Guard Training Manual: The American Armed Security Guard


All states have different regulations, laws, licensing and requirements for security guards. This is especially true regarding the use of deadly force, power of detain, arrest and many other legal aspects of being a security guard. It is the responsibility of the school, instructor, to know the laws relating to security guard activities for the State, County or City in which they train, and for which they train. These laws and regulations are easy to find and free to print because they are of the public domain. While all states may have different laws, almost all states includes in their armed security guard training and educational requirements firearm knowledge and technical skills so the armed security guard can effectively use a firearm in the defense of self and others. This Armed Security Guard Training Manual was developed to meet the most stringent standard. It represents 40 hours of study materials,. It also includes 10 hours legal section that discusses Weapons and Firearms and the use of deadly force. These 10 hours of the curriculum are modeled after Florida laws, which regulates heavily security guard activities. This section constitutes an excellent moral guideline to work from, BUT, it is your responsibility to research and teach the law of your state, county, city, as well as ensure that you take the steps you need to meet your state’s licensing requirements, if there are any. Last but not least, this kit, as you see it, is what we use every day to train our pupils at Safe N Secure.

isbn-- 9781500555382

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