10 hour trainee package - Includes volume I and a workbook

30 hour trinee package - Includes volumes I&II and a workbook

Volume I (216 pages):

Module One - Introduction to OSHA
Module Two - RegLogic® 
Module Three - Walking and Working Surfaces 
Module Four - Exit Routes, Emergency Action, and Fire Prevention Plans 
Module Five - Fire Protection 
Module Six - Electrical Cords 
Module Seven - Recordkeeping and Reporting Part 1 
Module Eight - Access to Employee Exposure and Medical Records 
Module Nine - Bloodborne Pathogens 
Module Ten - Hazard Communication Part 1 
Module Eleven - Inspections, Citations, and Penalties 
Module Twelve - Occupational Noise Exposure 
Module Thirteen - Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) 
Module Fourteen - Permit-Required Confined Spaces, Part 1 
Module Fifteen - Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout), Part 1 
Module Sixteen - Materials Handling and Storage 
Module Seventeen - Machine Guarding 
Module Eighteen - Electrical Requirements 
Module Nineteen - Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response

Volume II (144 pages):
Module Twenty - CFR Workshop 
Module Twenty-One - Safety and Health Program 
Module Twenty-Two - Emergency Action Plan 
Module Twenty-Three - Sanitation
Module Twenty-Four - Signs/Tags 
Module Twenty-Five - Permit-Required Confined Spaces, Part 2 
Module Twenty-Six - Lockout/Tagout, Part 2 
Module Twenty-Seven - Welding/Cutting/Brazing 
Module Twenty-Eight - Hand and Portable Power Tools 
Module Twenty-Nine - Electrical Personal Protective Equipment 
Module Thirty - DOT Placarding 
Module Thirty-One - Hazard Communication, Part 2 
Module Thirty-Two - Industrial Hygiene 
Module Thirty-Three - Open Forum 
Module Thirty-Four - Hazardous Materials 
Module Thirty-Five - Record Keeping, Part 2 
Module Thirty-Six - Ergonomics 
Module Thirty-Seven - Medical Services and First Aid
Module Thirty-Eight - Forklift Workshop

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