OSHA Inspections: Preparation and Response


This reference guide, written by a former OSHA compliance officer, is a must-have resource on employer rights and responsibilities when dealing with what some might perceive as an adversarial OSHA relationship. It discusses how to:

  • Develop and implement an effective safety program that complies with OSHA standards
  • Proactively prepare for an inspection
  • Respond in the event of a citation
  • Use this resource to ensure you’ve addressed all safety issues prior to a compliance inspection.

Also, receive a refresher on how to meet, greet and accompany a compliance officer on his or her inspection of your premises.

This 2016 update provides practical and in-depth coverage of the issues relevant to safety professionals, loss prevention specialists, consultants, managers, attorneys, or any organization that aims to maintain a safer and more healthful work environment.

ISBN: 9780879123185

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