Private Security and the Investigative Process 2nd Edition


Authors: Charles Nemeth
Paperback ISBN: 9780750690874
Imprint: Butterworth-Heinemann
Published Date: 16th September 1999
Page Count: 376

Practical yet authoritative, Private Security and the Investigative Process, Second Edition, is an important reference tool for private investigators and security professionals. Both students and seasoned security practitioners alike will benefit from the resources, ideas, and suggestions for tactics and security strategy contained within this book. Charles P. Nemeth expertly blends practice with theory to show students how to be professional when confronted with the rigors of the real world, in both the public and private sectors. Private Security and the Investigative Process, is ideally suited for private security organizations, criminal justice libraries, corporate security personnel, and law enforcement personnel.

The concepts are effectively presented with numerous forms, checklists and valuable guides that will help illustrate the investigative process both in the public and private sector.

Key Features

  • A comprehensive, authoritative resource for the industry, its practitioners, and those seeking a career in the private-security industry
  • Provides insight into the fundamental competency skills necessary to function as an investigator
  • Contains numerous forms, checklists, for useful and practical reference

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