Secrets of Surveillance A Professional's Guide To Tailing Subjects By Vehicle, Foot, Airplane, And Public Transportation


by ACM IV Security Services

Pros know that the real secret of surveillance lies in the skill of the operators, not in high-tech gadgets. This book is for the true practitioners of the craft. It focuses on tactics that can only be learned from stalking the streets and standing in the shadows.

1) Surveillance Operations Overview 
2) Dress, Disguise and Mannerism 
3) Surveillance Equipment Overview 
4) Surveillance Operation Preparation 
5) Surveillance Stakeouts 
6) Basic Vehicular Surveillance 
7) Advanced Vehicular Surveillance 
8) Foot Surveillance 
9) Surveillance in Public Location 
10) Combined Foot & Vehicular Surveillance 
11) Public Transportation Surveillance 
12) Progressive Surveillance 
13) Night Surveillance Operations 
14) Surveillance Operation After-Action

ACM IV Security Services is a private consulting firm that specializes in security and intelligence disciplines, to include antiterrorism, counterintelligence, human intelligence, competitive intelligence, investigations and strategic intelligence analysis. ACM IVprovides exclusive training and consulting services with a focus on targeting and countering the world's most threatening adversarial elements.

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